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90ML Baby Silicone Spoon Feeder


90ML Baby Silicone Spoon Feeder

Material: Silica gel
Capacity: 90ml
Flow Velocity: Medium Flow

You're feeding your baby and they are constantly trying to get a hold of that spoon with the baby food on it. Now it's everywhere.


How often has this happened to you?



With this special food, you can feed baby and there's none to very little mess! What a dream! Minimum clean up!


It's simple:

You put the baby food in the spoon handle, then to feed the baby, you squeeze the handle to get the food onto the spoon.


What's even better is you save more money when you buy multiple spoons! Try it out and if you're not happy with your baby feeding spoon, send it back within 60 days of purchase for a full refund!